Why Our Tattoo Shop?


We are a full custom Tattoo Studio, we have private booths and a very clean and sterile working environment. Our Artists range in different styles from Black and Grey, Color, New School, Realism, Portraiture, Wildlife, Horror, etc. We do our own Art work and avoid flash as much as the client allows, We encourage potential clients to pick an Artist based on his style from the portfolios and if possible, meeting the artist personally, We take pride in our profession and the industry that we are a part of and hold ourselves to the highest standard possible, after all it is Art work on your body for life, we will be featuring different artists with there paintings, drawings and sculptures of Fine art and are looking forward to seeing and meeting art enthusiasts and collectors.


Licensed Tattoo Artists

The Best Brands Only

We all know that the best treatment starts with the best ingredients. That is why,
in our tattoo shop we use only the best products for tattoing containing 100% organic plant-based ingredients